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Torney’s Procurement Journey to Quality, Value, and Efficiency 

Discover Torney Landfleischerei's procurement journey towards operational efficiency and high-quality supplies at lower costs.

Torney Landfleischerei Pripsleben GmbH is a farm-to-table meat production company based in Altentreptow, Germany. 

The company handles all facets of meat production – from the cultivation of feed, farming of cattle and pigs, and processing of raw materials, to the sale of products.

Taking this holistic approach one step further, Torney operates by blending tradition and innovation. Their process begins with the selection of high-quality raw materials (most of which are sourced in-house) and continues with meticulous preparation by local skilled workers to still preserve the artisanship of traditional meat processing.

At the heart of Torney Landfleischerei are skilled professionals like Maik Jantschik, Head of Production. His responsibilities encompass a range of key areas including product development, team management, and procurement. 

Maik’s goal is to keep Torney’s operations running seamlessly, while simultaneously sustaining a consistent inventory of high-quality production supplies at the most competitive prices.

A New Approach to Procurement

To manage the procurement process, Maik maintains an organized list of suppliers, categorizing them based on the products they provide. This well-structured approach enables him to manage the procurement process effectively, facilitating his quest for quality and affordability in every aspect of Torney’s operations.

However, from 2020 onwards, Maik began to notice an unsettling trend: many of the suppliers could no longer guarantee their usual delivery schedules. This lack of consistency rang alarm bells, as any potential disruption to Torney’s production line was an unacceptable risk for Maik. 

As 2022 rolled in, Maik decided to try other alternatives to procure the PPE supplies necessary for production, and that’s when he discovered Droppe. 

What captured Maik’s attention at that time was not only the quality of the items but also the competitive prices – a balance often hard to strike in traditional procurement. 

Intrigued by Droppe’s potential, Maik still took the cautious approach by taking advantage of Droppe’s free sample policy. He requested a free sample of a new brand of nitrile gloves, to guarantee he was making a sound investment in a product that fully met his team’s requirements.

The outcome of the trial was very positive, and Maik felt confident to place his first wholesale order. In his own words: “It was a combination of price and performance. Droppe offered a competitive price and high quality at the same time.”

Since the first purchase, Droppe has proven to be an excellent match for Maik’s needs, significantly reducing the manual effort typically involved in procurement processes. This new approach not only met but exceeded his expectations, providing the reliable, efficient solution he was searching for.

“Droppe offered a very good price and high quality at the same time”

Maik Jantschik, Head of Production

High Quality, Better Prices, and Time-saving Processes

Switching to Droppe for sourcing PPE supplies necessary for production led to tangible improvements in Torney Landfleischerei’s procurement strategy. 

Maik highlights 4 major benefits of being Droppe’s customer:

  1. High-quality products: Everything from the safety gloves used by their workers to the shoe covers provided to visitors, have proven more durable and reliable. This has made a significant difference in their daily operations, especially in a highly-regulated environment like meat production where reliable PPE is a must. 
  1. Better prices: Maik confirmed that this increase in quality came without a corresponding surge in cost – quite the contrary, Maik achieved savings of up to 20%. Keeping costs under control while maintaining quality is key to their operational success and financial health. In this regard, Droppe has been able to strike this balance, ensuring Torney gets the best value for its money.

  2. Time-saving processes: One of the aspects Maik has praised the most is the time and effort he saves now that Droppe does the heavy lifting in sourcing all necessary PPE supplies. When he needs something, he gets in touch with his dedicated Supply Chain Expert who – knowing Torney’s use cases – can compare the offerings of over 100 manufacturers in Europe to find the best deal. In Maik’s own words: “I only said what I needed and an approximate target price, and it all worked out beautifully.” 
  1. Try before you buy: For Maik, the opportunity to try out samples before purchasing in bulk has also been a key benefit of working with Droppe. This option provides him with peace of mind and assurance of product quality, adding a level of trust and reliability to the procurement process. 

“I only said what I needed and an approximate target price, and it all worked out beautifully.

Maik Jantschik, Head of Production


In industries like livestock farming and meat production, where regulations are strict and margins can be thin, having reliable, high-quality supplies that are delivered in a timely manner is essential. 

With Droppe, Maik is able to secure the necessary PPE supplies, without compromising on quality or cost. On top of that, whenever he needs products, Maik can simply get in touch with his own dedicated Supply Chain Expert who provides him with the best custom quotes from a network of over 100 trusted European suppliers – streamlining the procurement process and ensuring competitive pricing at the same time.

All in all, Maik highly recommends Droppe to other wholesale buyers and procurement professionals. In his own words: “Just tell them what you want, in what quantities, and be pleasantly surprised.”

“Just tell them what you want, in what quantities, and be pleasantly surprised.”

Maik Jantschik, Head of Production

Whether you’re running a livestock farm, a meat production facility, or a food production plant, we understand that access to safe, durable, and standard-compliant products is crucial to keeping your operations running smoothly. 

1000+ satisfied wholesale buyers are now relying on Droppe for their procurement needs, so check out our industrial catalogue including 100+ trusted European suppliers and their selections. 
If you need assistance with sourcing the best products for your use cases or to streamline your procurement, get in touch with your dedicated Supply Chain Expert and let’s work together to find the best solutions for your unique needs.

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