Team, story, and values

Droppe is a wholesale marketplace. We help purchasing professionals save time, save on costs and remove industrial waste from buying industrial supplies.

Read about our journey of reinventing industrial wholesale and learn more about the values and Droppe team that makes the impossible possible.

Our Journey: Becoming the best in industrial wholesale

Droppe was born in March 2020, when global supply chains were suddenly disrupted and the world of traditional industrial purchasing moved online overnight.

Our mission is to reinvent European industrial wholesale and reduce industrial waste from supply chains by providing the best way for companies to source and buy industrial supplies at wholesale prices.

Our values

These core values define how we pursue our mission, how we work, how we hire, and how we build our community of buyers and manufacturers. In short—this is how Droppe lives and breathes.

Grow to be better every day

Find the opportunity to learn and teach others every day. Strive to be exceptional in what you do, as an individual and as a part of the team. Be bold and move fast. When you fail, own it, fix it, learn from it and move on. Hold yourself and others accountable.

Put buyers first

Source and offer products our customers love. Work every day to earn our customers’ business and trust. Focus on the things that matter. Make the customer’s success your success. Plan to win, play to win, and expect to win.

Lead to set new standards

Treat people with respect and kindness. Be inclusive and admire diversity. Bring exceptional people and ideas together. Offer help and ask for help when needed. Listen. Teach and inspire. Praise and celebrate success. Build the marketplace and the community like it’s yours, because it is.

Figure out the why

Challenge to seek the truth. In order to understand the root cause, start with asking. Find the path to pursue a meaningful goal. Build towards that goal with purpose. Iterate better with feedback. Build to create impact.

Act small think big

Choose the small steps today that will lead to a positive and lasting impact tomorrow. Be ambitious and have big goals. Innovate and take calculated risks. Make a difference in setting a new standard for industrial wholesale in Europe.

Create a lot from little

Focus on what’s important to maximize the impact of everything you do. Minimize the work that does not create direct value for our customers and our team. Embrace grit and resilience - tough times will never last, but tough people and lessons do.

Our team

Our success is driven by a team of truly exceptional individuals with world-class experience in industrial wholesale, marketplaces, technology, finance, design, and entrepreneurship.

Perks of being a part of our journey

Droppe creates a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth.

We provide you with a caring meritocracy led by a world-class team to learn from, bringing over the learnings and best insights from exceptional companies such as Wolt, Swappie, Goldman Sachs, Gorillas, Choco, Tier and Slush to name a few. The workplace we want to foster is inclusive, international and inspiring.

Budget for growth

Personal budget for professional development

Your gear

Choose your gear, no matter if you rock a Linux, Mac or Windows

Stock options

Employee stock options—build it, own it, grow with it


Possibility to work fully remote, hybrid or in-office with locations in Cologne & Helsinki

For productivity

Shape your work environment with a productivity equipment budget

Fast & no bureaucracy

We grow together and everyone is reachable to everyone, from our newest hires to the founders

business clients
with coworkers

One-stop shop, why us, in a nutshell

First, be a part of building a marketplace that is uniquely scalable, and leads the way in industrial wholesale B2B by serving a large underserved market ready to be re-imagined.

Second, join us to lead the change and be a pioneer in creating a more sustainable industrial wholesale supply chain in Europe.

Third, we elevate the industry knowledge by joining our exceptional team that leverages technology to become the best in technical product matches in industrial wholesale.

Last, we serve a very large underserved market of €200B that is ripe for modernization and strengthen European cooperation, trade, and our common supply chains.

Talk to us

Oh and hey, if you have any questions about the team, culture or values, we’re an open book, just shoot any of us a message on Linkedin and let’s chat!

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