The team, our story, and our values

Our mission is to empower European industrial companies to become more connected.

We bring industrial manufacturers and small businesses together. We empower the wholesale community. We make buyers' lives easier.

Our story

Droppe was born in 2020 when Johannes Salmisaari & Henrik Helenius left their dorm in California to isolate on Hawaii and noticed at their arrival empty shelves in shops on the island. The lightbulb moment led to a researching the cause behind the wholesale supply shortages: industrial buyers were not able to find direct suppliers. The industrial purchasing needed to move online.

A Finnish technology company was born that would help local production plants and wholesalers with supplies order directly from European manufacturers. Droppe was created with one goal in mind: to bring European equipment manufacturers and industrial buyers closer together.

Droppe and our values

Care personally.

We are passionately invested in creating a strong community for making industrial wholesale more transparent and responsible. Everyone in our community is committed to Droppe's mission of connecting European industrial wholesale.

Filter product noise.

We filter out the product information overload, over-promises and hidden costs that have been historically plagued supply chains. We work every day to change the way businesses buy and encourage all parties towards more responsible choices.

Be candid.

By empowering local production plant managers and manufacturers to work together, we take our role of providing unbiased support and practical help by our heart. We are committed of candidly supporting everyone to seek options that work for them best.

Authentic together.

Our platform operates openly, valuing everyone's opinions, cultures and backgrounds. By creating an open and trustworthy online platform that transcends European borders, we disencourage and remove any form of discriminatory, unequal or unfair behaviour in our community.

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Droppe and our people

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